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Image by Thimo van Leeuwen


Natural skin care is great, but do not just apply everything onto your skin at once, you don't want to shock your skin. 

(Although it is natural you want to always do a patch test to see how the ingredients react on your skin.)

I am not responsible for any allergic reactions that occur when using my products

Follow my recommended routines blow.

​Skincare Steps and Routine for Beginners

  • Facial wash, Turmeric toner, Threesome scrub, Mango butter, Rose oil.

  • Facial wash, Rose toner, Threesome scrub, Shea and Rose oil.

Some examples of a simple everyday routine, you want to wash your skin twice a day.​

 How to use your skincare!

African Black Soap Facial Wash- Shake up, it is a watery base, it’s great for sensitive skin, you’re going to sud the soap with your hands and apply in a circular upward motion all over your face. This face wash is great for sensitive skin, as well as helps prevent breakouts. It cleans your face without leaving it dry.

Turmeric Chamomile Toner- Spray all over your face, it can be sprayed throughout the day, and on top of makeup. If you don't want to spray your skin, you can apply with a cotton pad.  This is great for uneven skin, hyperpigmentation, acne scars. And fine lines and wrinkles. This toner has so many antioxidants great for the skin everyday. 

Rose Toner- Spray all over your face, it can be sprayed throughout the day, and on top of makeup. If you don't want to spray your skin, you can apply with a cotton pad. Helps with evening the skin tone, redness, inflammation, and breakouts. As well as retaining moisture in your skin. 

Threesome Body/Face Scrub- (Exfoliate body/face 2-3x a week) Take about a quarter size,exfoliate areas of your skin. Wash off and watch how smooth your skin is. You want to exfoliate to help prevent debris, dead skin, and dead hair clogging the pores. that is why we get ingrowns, bumps, white and blackheads.

Shea Butter- Use all over skin, face, and hair. It's infused with my oil so it's healing the skin leaving it baby soft and moisturized for hours. I use this everyday, it helps prevent dry cracked skin, helps with your skins tone, and the butter is so soft it melts in your hands.

Rose Oil- Use about 2-3 drops on skin helping with minimizing pores, hyperpigmentation, redness, any wounds or cuts, overall healing your skin. You can use on hair and body as well as the yoni. This oil is great because its not going to leave you oily. Your skin soaks it right up! 

Lash and Brow Serum- Use before bed. Apply serum like mascara and brow gel. Helps with dry damaged hair as well as hair growth. 

Face Masks- Keep water out of the jar!  Both face masks are great for the skin, hair, body and face. you want to take some and mix with any liquid, I recommend water, toner, apple cider vinegar, or aloe. Mix and apply then leave for 15-20 minutes, once dried your skin will feel tight, remove with water and apply other skincare.

Oat Bar Soap- this bar soap comes in an exfoliating bag that you can use to exfoliate your body. when using on your face remove from the bag and lather with your hands for a gentler wash. this can be used on all skin types especially those with eczema and psoriasis. 

Muah Lip Scrub- This lip scrub is great for chapped or dark lips, use this as you need, apply and rub onto the lips followed by the muah lip oil.

Muah Lip Oil- This lip oil is great for chapped and dark lips. this helps heal the lips not just set for the day. the mint leaves help fight the itchy sensation of dry lips. use this after the muah lip oil.

Recommended Routines: About Us
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